Emmy Rossum and Sam Esmail Engagement

Emmy Rosum and Sam Esmail are now engaged two years of being together. The couple met on set of the 2014 film Comet where Rosum is one of the cast and Esmail is the film’s director.

Durringing an interview, the Phantom of the Opera star spilled that Esmail is “a bit of a nerd” and added that “He doesn’t know chivalry too well, so we have to bust his chops a little bit and tell him every time a woman stood up and went to the restroom, he had to stand up.”

The couple got engaged over the weekend of August 29 and it was not until two weeks after when the actress went out with the engagement ring on her finger"Hot Chocolate For A Cause" Benefit Hosted By Emmy Rossum. The ring is a vintage ring that is from 1920 Paris and she gushed that she likes that she inherited someone’s story and she hopes that it is a good one.

There are no words yet as to when the wedding will be but the couple is in no rush to plan the wedding.